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Hello everyone

Meet Sele, the CEO of Pro Sele Kite Center. A true wind enthusiast, Sele has been kitesurfing since 2014 and has used his passion for the sport to create one of the top kite schools in the area. He is multilingual, speaking English, Swahili, Italian, and basic French, making him accessible to a diverse group of students. Sele was inspired by kitesurfing icon Kevin Langeree and Damien chose to use the trusted brand Reedin kites at his school. It was the best choice for him to start with. Now he is finally sponsored by Reedin and has officially joined the National Team.

Sele loved teaching, kiting, pushing the limit on the spot and gives the lesson for more advance riders who want to go big and full send it. He likes  being on social media and create new things every single day.

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